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Alevere Cambridge uses the latest body composition analysis to accurately measure body composition and metabolic rate.  This provides an accurate analysis of muscle, fat and water content of the body. Using clinical research grade equipment the analysis is broken down per body segment showing muscle, fat and water content for each limb and the trunk of the body.

Traditionally Body Mass Index (BMI) is used to measure obesity.  This is a simple formula using height and weight only, and provides a guide to obesity. Using the latest technology a person’s visceral fat can be measured and analysed against the healthy range for each individual.  Visceral fat is the fat around your tummy and vital organs and is important as too much visceral fat is associated with higher risks of illness including diabetes, even where the BMI may fall within the normal range.

Also for those people trying to lose weight, muscle mass from the limbs is often reduced as the body can burn muscle as well as fat on some diets rather than the visceral fat around there tummy. Alevere Therapy is designed to focus on fat reduction both generally and addressing problem areas which are often resistant to diet alone.  By monitoring patients at regular intervals with the body composition analysis, patients can be confident that they are not losing muscle mass and are losing fat from their problem areas.

The analysis also provides a value for each persons Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR).  This varies significantly from person to person and provides a guide to the number of calories needed to maintain your weight. The number of calories pr day is then adjusted based on an individual’s activity levels each day to ensure sufficient energy is provided each day from the food eaten.

The InBody has 2 electrodes for each foot and two in each hand piece. By standing on the electrodes and holding the hand pieces small currents at different frequencies are passed through the body. Calculations can be done for each limb and the trunk based on the impedance at the different frequencies.

The higher frequencies penetrate the cell membrane while the lower frequencies do not,thereby allowing the measurement of extra cellular water.

The test takes 60 seconds and the key results are compared to previous results thereby allowing patients to monitor progressive changes in fat and muscle mass over time.

The InBody 770 is a premium medical grade device used not only to monitor patients, abut also for medical research and sports medicine.

This analysis is not suitable for anyone with a pacemaker or other electronic device.

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Weight on its own does not reflect true health and changes in health by adopting exercise and a healthy diet. By exercising muscle mass can increase and fat can reduce but your weight may not change much but you are healthier as a result of the lifestyle change. Similarly the Body Mass Index (BMI) used to calculate obesity is only a guide as this only takes into account height and weight.

By measuring fat and muscle mass in each limb as well as the visceral fat around the trunk of the body a better indicator of improvements in health and reduction in risk of illness can be determined. Visceral fat is important as this is the fat around the vital organs that has a significant impact on health.

Changes to the Visceral Fat level can be monitored over time showing improvements achieved by following a nutritional programme, having body treatments to safely break down fat or exercising.

Example of Visceral Fat measurement of fat around the trunk of the body showing a reading outside the normal range expected for a person of that age.

On some diets muscle mass can decrease as well as fat, as muscle can be used a fuel to burn to produce energy when the body does not have enough calories, resulting in a lower metabolic rate, and risking a rebound weight gain after the diet.

Body composition analysis using the latest clinical research grade equipment is included in the Alevere Therapy Weight Reduction programme. The Alevere nutritional programme is designed to avoid loss of muscle mass while the body treatments help target areas of fat, particularly visceral fat to improve health and body shape. Patients are monitored using the InBody body composition analysis at intervals to document reduction of fat including visceral fat, whilst ensuring that muscle mass does not decrease significantly.

This analysis is also available separately for anyone wanting to check their body composition and visceral fat levels whether they wish to follow the Alevere programme of another weight loss programme or just out of curiosity to check their health.