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Using the same technology as used to tighten sagging skin on the body, the latest generation of equipment is now available to treat the face. The EndermoliftTM mechanical stimulation naturally revitalises the skin’s collagen and elastin production.

Over time the fibroblasts in the skin begin to slow their production of collagen and elastin. Then as the skin loses density, the visible signs of aging appear: wrinkles, sagging skin, and a dry, dull complexion. This is often made worse by weight loss.

Gentle mechanical micro pulses are applied to the skin’s surface triggering a natural biological response in the fibroblasts which stimulates production of collagen elastin and hyaluronic acid.

The treatment is a natural, non-invasive, non surgical programme that does not use injections, or chemicals.

Treatments offered include a 10 minute treatment targeted at a specific area and a 30 minute anti aging facial.

The treatment areas include:

● Neck and décolleté

● Sagging jawline

● Jowls

● Marionette lines (lip corners)

● Lip lines

● Crow’s feet

● Cheekbones definition

● Puffy eyes, dark circles

● Nasolabial folds

● Worry lines (horizontal forehead wrinkles)

● Frown lines (vertical forehead wrinkles)

● Hands

A range of 30 minutes anti aging facials are offered including:

● Re-plumping for faces prone to hollow cheeks

● Firming for faces prone to sagging

● Re-sculpting for faces prone to thickening

The manufacturer’s video below shows the EndermoliftTM treatment in action and illustrates grahically how it acts on the skin.


Alevere Cambridge offers the full range of LPG Endermolift anti ageing facial treatments including the latest cellular regeneration serum treatment, skin peels, collagen masks and express treatments. Based on many years of research and scientific study these treatments typically show noticeable results after the first session.

So if your skin is making you appear older than you feel the Endermolift natural anti-ageing facials can reduce the visible symptoms of ageing, firming up sagging skin, reducing wrinkles and improving your complexion. This uses a patented Motorised Pulsating Flaps treatment head to gently mechanically massage the face and stimulates the skin to naturally produce connective tissue promoting visible and long lasting results.

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The newest facial treatment from LPG systems is a non-surgical face lift which is a detoxifying, 100% natural, anti-ageing technique for all ages combining the Endermolift mechanical stimulation of the skin with a cellular anti-aging renewal serum. This provides a skin detox that awakens your senses and energises the skin from within.

This new improved treatment lets your skin breathe and is perfect for those wishing to revive their skin’s youthful glow in a natural way, repair and prevent the signs of ageing in a safe gradual manner with no downtime.

You will typically see visible results with just one session! You will see a healthy glowing complexion and a natural lifting effect. With each session, more improvements will be noticeable including wrinkles filled in and contours re-defined.

These facials have the option of including a skin peel and collagen mask.

The Endermolift treatment can be combined with the new LPG Peel technology to achieve outstanding results. The superficial peel is a chemical exfoliation that promotes cellular regeneration of the face and neck to enhance skin radiance.

A collagen mask can be applied at the end of the treatment to help plump and firm the skin as well as providing a soothing end to the treatment. This also helps hydrate the skin, boost protein production, and tighten the skin in the long term, helping smooth out fine lines and wrinkles.

The new Endermologie Cellular Regeneration facial treatment is the latest innovation from LPG and includes the LPG anti ageing renewal serum to tone the skin and reduce wrinkles.  This treatment can also be applied to the hands.

These treatments also form an ideal complement to any weight loss programme as weight loss is often most visible in the face or for anyone seeking to slow the appearance of the aging process on the face.